Connect with diverse, qualified talent for every role

Lead your organization’s hiring strategy by engaging diverse candidates.

Fetcher’s built-in diversity focus allows you to build a well-represented candidate pipeline, quickly.

Diversity (Overview) Understand & increase diveristy in your talent pool

Automated, people-driven sourcing

Fetcher combines machine learning with human insights to make sure searches reflect real diversity of demographics, backgrounds, and skills.

Diversity (Overview) Unbiased, people-driven sourcing.

Own your diversity recruiting goals

Sourcing for diversity is our standard – but you can also set our own standard. Add specific diversity goals to your searches, and we’ll help you meet them!

Diversity Focus

Lead the way with diversity analytics

Gender and demographic breakdowns, combined with candidate engagement data, reveal whether your sourcing and outreach efforts are resonating with diversity candidates.

Fetcher diversity statistics