Case Studies

See how our customers have used Fetcher to level up hiring with our recruiting automation software.

Check out our customer case studies to learn how Fetcher empowers talent acquisition teams with automated sourcing and outreach, backed by humans-in-the-loop.

Fetcher case studies

Customer Success Stories & Case Studies leveraged Fetcher’s automated recruitment platform to discover, connect with, and hire underrepresented talent to continue diversifying their team. Learn more.


How the Netherlands-based digital agency, SQLI Digital Experience (formerly Osudio), uses Fetcher’s recruiting automation platform to grow its multi-national team quickly and efficiently. Learn more.


Devo is using Fetcher’s full-service, recruiting automation platform to discover, connect with, and hire top talent to reach their goal of 5X’ing their team size in under 2 years. Learn more.

How the advertising platform Magnite uses Fetcher’s automated sourcing and outreach capabilities to expand its global team without overextending its lean recruiting team.
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Socotra Logo
For Socotra’s TA team, agility is everything. See how Fetcher helped the start-up keep costs down while increasing diversity in the pipeline for key roles in engineering, sales, and more.
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FourSquare Logo
Foursquare relies on Fetcher’s automated sourcing to reach candidates faster and expand brand awareness to help them level the playing field in today’s competitive talent market.
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The rapidly growing tech non-profit needed a creative solution to find its new CEO. Fetcher delivered a diverse pool of qualified candidates and gave Network for Good’s board control over their outreach.
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The global plant-based food company moved away from manual sourcing to lower their costs and make 12 key hires in their first six months with Fetcher.
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GR0 - Logo
GR0 improves its hiring ROI and makes five hires in its first four months with Fetcher by replacing LinkedIn Recruiter with our automated recruiting platform.
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Catalyst - full logo
The customer success platform, Catalyst, finds success by shaking up their recruiting strategy with automated sourcing and outreach. Fetcher’s platform enabled them to build more human connections with in-demand design and tech candidates.
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